"Baa" is a relaxing sound

about 1 year ago
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If you thought counting sheep would put you to sleep, try listening to the sounds of sheep. The word on the social media is that there is nothing quite as relaxing and almost meditative as listening to the sounds of sheep grazing.

Relax with the Sheep is a video recently uploaded on YouTube and it’s a six-hour long video of just that – sheep grazing and grazing. Many executives say that while this plays in the background, the intermittent sounds of their “baa” and shuffling feet, munching, bumblebees is what is relaxing – if one closes the eyes, you can almost feel that you are sitting in a sheep farm with endless grass and green as far as the eyes can go.

At a time when we all are cooped up at home, maybe the sight and sounds of sheep is a good idea – at least it is better than the cacophony of debates which come from the TV and in our minds.

Strange times demand strange remedies.

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