Everything is ephemeral

about 1 year ago
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In this ever changing world, everything, every single thing is ephemeral. Yet, there are many of us who talk about leaving behind a legacy. The feeling is that even when they die, their work or deed will live on forever.

But sadly, no legacy is immortal. Even the most famous man of today is forgotten tomorrow, more so in this world of social media and now AI. JRD Tata is the doyen of Indian industry but ask the 20-somethings about him and they will shrug their shoulder, with not even the slightest inkling of his legacy. Be it an actor or painter or sportsman or political leader; eventually everyone is forgotten.

This is not a bad thing. It means our names and legacies are mortal, just like us. And this is a great feeling of liberation. If you know that what you’re experiencing now is more important than how you’ll be remembered when you’re gone, then you can adjust your career to pursue the activities you find personally fulfilling. It’s a far better way to live than dreaming of the perfect CV for your gravestone.

We all die, and our legacies all die, so what really matters? Great love, acts of kindness, exciting experiences, and personal sacrifices for the wellbeing of others contain the best of human existence.

And so all that really matters is that you enjoy life, and bring joy to others. The only person to what you achieve matters is probably you yourself and your mother! For the rest, its all part of a haze.

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