Everything needs some repair

about 2 years ago
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Bengaluru’s Repair Café is run by two women, Purna Sarkar and Antara Mukherji. As the name suggests, it’s a café that repairs and fixes everything from electrical appliances to clothes that are torn. Who repairs them? A bunch of professionals and volunteers. Who can volunteer? Anybody! From little kids to elderly members of the society, everybody is welcome to volunteer at the cafe. 

The concept of repair cafes was started by Martine Postma in The Netherlands in the year 2007. By 2018, the concept caters to almost the entire world with over 1,000 cafes. As per this concept, a repair café is a meeting in which people repair household electrical and mechanical devices, computers, bicycles, clothing, etc. They are organised by and for local residents. Repair cafés are held at a fixed location where tools are available and where they can fix their broken goods with the help of volunteers.

The aim of the café -   revive the culture of repairing things when they are broken, just as our parents used to do. Give things a second chance. Everything needs some repair, including the person within you. Maybe this is your calling?

If you want to do more this 2019, Repair café is also looking for venues for the future editions. If you can share your space or know of one that might be willing to host a forthcoming edition of Repair Cafe, drop them a mail at reachts@gmail.com.

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