Opportunity knocking loud!

about 1 year ago
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At a time when the world is considering the option of moving its factories outside China, India probably is best poised to cash in. The question is whether we want to do it and do we really have the capability?

But going by the trends, looks like India is making waves around the world in making anti-Covid products. Apart from the anti-malarial drug, there are other products getting export orders and enquiries. Belgaum-based company called Vega Aviation, with technology coming from Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO),  has just begun manufacturing kiosks for sample collection from Covid-19 suspects.

These kiosks are like telephone booths, where the patient is inside but the doctor is outside to collect blood samples. The cost is about Rs.1 lakh and it currently makes 10 per day.

The company’s director, Suhas Chandak is overwhelmed because he is now getting calls from all over the world and he is looking at options to ramp up production to 60 per day to keep up with the demand.

Ditto is the case for Pune-based Raksha Polycoats which makes isolation chambers for Covid-19 patients and Hyderabad-based company called iMake, which is getting enquiries from US companies for ‘full face shields’.

Looks like adversity does bring about its own set of opportunities.

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