Plate it!

about 3 months ago
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There are so many unique ways in which each one is trying to help the most impacted community, the migrants, in their own small way.

We came across this innovative art venture – which is selling limited edition, curated and themed art on plate. The concept is – you buy a plate of art and it will go towards filling the stomach on a hungry migrant. One plate purchased is equivalent to 250 meals – the amount paid  sponsors a ration and meal kit consisting of essentials like dal, rice, atta and other essentials that is enough for 250 meals for one worker’s family. 100% of the proceeds go towards those suffering the most.

Every artist works with a theme and specific charitable cause in mind while creating the art you see on the plates. Each piece of work is exclusive to The Plated Project and created as a limited edition. The themes are curated every month based on social issues and topics that resonate with those who buy the plates.

The Plated Project is indeed unique and innovative in its own way and with each plate priced at around Rs.1500, its does not exactly burn a hole in your pockets.

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