Want to move to Italy?

about 1 year ago
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Have you been thinking of moving out of India? Maybe this small town in Italy could be your perfect answer?

We are talking about Molise, which lay to a little east of Rome, a region landscaped by green pastures in summer and snow-clad mountains in winter.

This region houses some 106 village but sadly there are less than 2000 residents. Migration is cited to be one the biggest reasons for this falling population. And to save this region from dying out completely, the Govt is inviting people from across the world to set up shop.

Under the scheme, anyone willing to move to one of these villages will be paid $770 (Rs55,000) per month for a period of three years to help settle them in the area.

The only catch here – you need to work on contributing to the local economy by either starting a restaurant, or bakery or café or anything which provides employment and helps the villages live and generates money for the region and Govt.

Interested? Applications have opened yesterday…..

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