A direct line to God?

about 2 years ago
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We Indians are devout and deeply religious. Many God their business partner and keep the sanctity of the partnership intact by offering a share of the profits by depositing all money or gold in the hundi. This is a very commonly followed practice in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, where they make Lord Balaji of Tirupati their partner.

But offering an iPhone? Isn’t that really carrying this partnership thing too far? The presiding deity of the famous Subramanya Swamy temple situated in Andhra Pradesh got an Apple iPhone 6S in the hundi!

When the temple authorities opened the hundi after a gap of three months, they were tickled to find this bizarre donation. The phone was still in the sealed pack with warranty card and all.  They think it must be an offering by someone who probably owns a mobile phone shop.

What do they plan to do with the phone? They are still scratching their head but suggestions are abound - auctioning it to raise fund for the deity or using it at the reception desk to answer the queries of devotees.

What was the devotee thinking? That Lord Subramanian will need the phone to make calls?

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