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about 8 months ago
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You want to travel to some 15 tourist destinations in India and get the Govt to pay for it?

Sounds like an incredible news, right? Or fake? Well, its incredible alright but not fake.

The Govt has launched a tourism campaign - Dekho Mera Desh. The Ministry of Tourism has stated it will fund your travel expenses if you visit 15 destinations in a year and post pictures to the official website, outside of your home state.

You can also take a pledge to visit 15 destinations by 2022, which could motivate you to start planning those trips.

The list of the spots which can be visited under this campaign is not yet out.

How to take a pledge in "Dekho Apna Desh" campaign?

Step 1: Visit pledge.mygov.in

Step 2: Select language -Hindi/ English

Step 3:  Take a pledge

Step 4: A certificate will be given via mobile text or e-mail

How the certificate wil help ...thats not known, except for some 'momento' value. And if we have to post pictures after visiting, then how will the funding by the Govt happen?

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