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about 2 years ago
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Most of the news that we see and read today is so negative that it makes one frustrated and instills the feeling that nothing good is happening in India. But small news like the one given below, reinstates some faith back that good does happen it’s just that media wants to concentrate only on the downside.

Three students of RV College in Bangalore - Chidroop I, Pratik Mohapatra, and Srihari HS have put in place a very user friendly app which helps one detect fake drugs, a huge menace in India. And Microsoft has recognized this talent and awarded them with $15,000 prize money.  

Their app is known as “DrugSafe” and uses technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and other complex technologies to identify tiny details in design and packaging of medicines and verify them by comparing with original manufacturer’s patented and trademarked attributes.

Using three unique checks, the app will validate whether the drugs are safe or not, which is immediately notified to the user through a large pop-up screen. Each of the cards on this screen have extended features such as their details and date of manufacture. If a medicine is genuine, the user is allowed to view the manufacture date and location, batch number and suggested dosage.

Well, we only hope we are able to retain such talent in India, rather than read about them later as “Indian born Americans.”

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