Faceless but indespensable

about 1 year ago
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The faceless crowd of migrants today represents the callous times we live in. All these people who are desperate to get back home have helped, in their own way to the cities to run smoothly and also help the city dweller live a good life. Yet, many of us have not taken care of them when they needed us the most.

And that’s why in this context, news of Anju Bobby George remembering her cook from the yesteryear days was heart warming. 55-year old cook at the campus at Sports Authority of India died and he was found to be Covid +ve only after death. She has spoken about her memories at the campus with him and how he selflessly took care, ensured all were fed well.

How many of these celebrities and big shots ever come out and talk about their “servants” who have helped them navigate through life? As we shed tears while watching the plight of the migrants, we should probably learn to respect those around us, take care of them like family; the migrant crowd might be faceless but as we begin work, we will understand that they are not dispensable.

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