Fit body, fit mind

about 1 year ago
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73 years old Rajinder Singh lives in UK and is an inspiration for all of us. He has now earned the moniker of ‘Skipping Sikh’ in the wake of the virus.

While self isolating at home, he is now urging all to remain physically fit, exercise and more importantly saying that skipping is the best way to remain active. He skips everyday and says that he wants others of his age to know that people of his age or of any age can still exercise even when isolating.

Rajinder can skip continuously for over a minute and began a skipping challenge to encourage others to do the same. Daughter Min Kaur shared a video of her dad on social media and was stunned when it went viral with people saying her dad had inspired them and calling him “a legend.”  

The inspiration has been so much that many have actually bought skipping ropes and are now trying to do what a 73 year old is teaching – fit body houses a fit mind.

We need more and more of such stories, or ordinary people doing extraordinary things in these tough times. That’s what will keep us going and not merely the count of victims.

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