Free Kasol controversy continues...

about 1 year ago
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While the world seems to have tied itself into a knot over the abolition of Article 370 in Kashmir, why is it that we turn a blind eye to some establishments within India itself which deny entry to its citizens?

The café in question – Free Kasol is Himachal Pradesh has been a subject on great debate for a couple of years now and despite having repeated proof that the owner does not allow entry to Indians, the café continues to operate with great gumption.

At least two posts on Facebook alleged that the café owner refused to serve Indians and claimed that the establishment was open only to members. The cafe is mostly frequented by Israeli tourists who visit Kasol in large numbers throughout the year.

The owner of the café has offered an explanation stating that there was a misunderstanding and that led to a woman journalist filing the story that the café does not serve Indians. The owner says that they do not have any such policy of not serving Indians.

Well, even today, four years after the story broke out on social media, the café continues to do well. The authorities are saying that post the complaints, they are looking into the land lease papers of the café, to ascertain whether the establishment is legal at all. Let’s see where this goes…

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