From bag to apps

about 2 years ago
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The modern day technology is changing lives. It has definitely broken barriers and borders, making communication and staying in touch easier. It has revolutionized the way we live our lives but today’s technologies are doing more than that; they are also saving lives!

Today’s young doctors and interns don’t rely on handbooks and textbooks for quick and easy information, but one of the several Apple applications. An app called MedCalc answers your queries like the rate at which saline be started. There is even an app called Evernote, which is an electronic filing cabinet.  Then there is ePocrates for looking up drug dosages and interactions, Qx Calculate to create risk profiles.  Even the traditional, handy stethoscope has become electronic now, which cancels out ambient noise. A mobile phone, an iPad has become like the doctor’s trusty black bag, all information, everything essential available with a single click yet this has also created a generational divide between the young and modern v/s senior, experienced doctors.

Technology is there to improvise our lives yet be it doctors, businessmen, engineers or other professionals; balance is essential. Technology should be used to make us more humane, professionally and personally. And would you go to an experienced doctor still using the real black bag or the yuppy doc using modern apps and gadgets? There in itself lay the answer of how much we trust experience over technology when it comes to doctors.

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