Hanuman angry in Bengaluru?

about 2 years ago
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Those in Bengaluru might be quite familiar with the picture/sticker of the ‘angry Hanuman’ dotting every where – from cars to auto, scooters and even on lamp-posts. The sticker is all around and somehow remains pretty unique to Bengaluru and now some parts of Karnataka.

This is a black and saffron coloured vector-sytle image of the monkey God, Hanuman. In the presentation, instead of his usual demenour of humility, love and grace, he actually looks angry. His eyebrow is in a frown and face has a very determined look. So why is he angry in Bengaluru?

Some say, he frowns upon the way the city has become today and some say, he is angry with the traffic situation. But the creator of this sticker, Karan Acharya had no inkling that this is how it could be perceived; he in fact never expected it to dot the city like this. He created this picture for a local boys youth club; they needed a  design to put on the flags for Ganesh Chaturthi. In a hurry, he created this image of Hanuman with an attitude. He says the image was meant to depict strong and not anger.

Well, whatever be the interpretation, today his design is a runaway success – even T-shirts and caps dot this picture. Sadly, he did not put his watermark on the design thus he earns zilch as royalty for his work. Well, he never ever expected it to become what it has become today!

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