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about 2 years ago
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You thought it was India and China leading the world when it came to solar energy? Think again.

Apart from being the host nation of Formula ePrix, Morocco is also home to the world's largest concentrated solar farm.

It already has an up and running solar plant built on an area of more than 3000 hectares, which is the size of 3500 football fields. It produces enough electricity to power a city the size of Prague, or twice the size of Marrakesh.

It is located right at the mouth of the Sahara Desert, where the whole complex provides 580 megawatts -- saving the planet from over 760,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

This African country has set itself the most ambitious energy goals in the world – 42% of its power to come from renewable sources by 2020. Well, it is well within the target or might even exceed it given the fact that 35% of its energy is already renewable.

Its 243 meter tower, the tallest in Africa, houses molten salt which is melted to create energy.

Imported fossil fuels currently provide for 97% of Morocco's energy need and that’s why the country is working doubly hard to use renewable energy. Wish we could also work with this frenzy. If a small country like Morocco could do it, why are we dragging our feet?

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