Learn to wear a sari....

about 2 years ago
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The new generation women of today, might know the art of making a perfect presentation and looking good for a business meet but how many of them especially in the metros will know how to drape the perfect sari?

Well, that’s a niche and filling it up is renowned author and textile expert Ms. Rta Kapur Chishti, who has opened a workshop in Delhi – The Sari School. Yes, this place teaches various styles of wearing the unstitched garment. The aim is to promote the wearing of saris and also giving the garment a contemporary touch by plunging into our roots. The charges – Rs.1500 per student.

It starts with a 30 minute introductory audio visual, which will introduce the “students” to regional variations in wearing styles: North/South/East/West and also talk about materials, spinning & weaving techniques.. There are some 108 types of wearing a sari and each student can select 4 wearing styles, to be taught in practice in every session representing the regional variations. The class is held in a basement studio in Jangpura, lined with handloom saris from Chishti’s label Taanban, amongst others, resembling the racks at a local dry cleaner. And in case you forget later about how to wear the different sari styles? Not to fret – the “School” provides leaflets with step-by-step-instructional line drawings from her sari book to refresh your memory at home. Try telling your mother or worse, your grandmother that you will pay to learn to wear a sari……

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