Old is truly gold!

about 2 years ago
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For those above the age of 55 years, the fear slowly starts creeping in of retired life. While many make big plans, take up new hobbies, most find that they do not know what to do with their time. The job took away their entire life and now when that one ingredient is removed, they do not know how to fill in the vacuum.

The good news here – many companies are realizing the importance of these seniors, their vast bank of knowledge and experience and taking steps to get them working again- mostly part-time. This is good as they earn an extra buck while keeping themselves busy. Moreover, those who have spent their entire lifetime in the private sector do not have the luxury of pensions. Thus such opportunities give them back their sense of purpose and some money on the side too!

This trend of getting seniors to bring value to the organization is noticeable worldwide. Australia’s retirement age is 65 years but the Govt is urging them to work beyond. In the USA, 40% individuals above 55 years are either employed or seeking employment of some kind.

Getting the seniors back is a blessing as they bring in with them a sense of work ethic and commitment to get the job done. Their wisdom helps crisis management and proves to be a guide for the younger colleagues.

Where are the seniors typically employed? Mostly in education, insurance, financial services, consulting and NGOs. And their work profile – as teachers, content developers, trainers, center managers, counsellors, mentors, accountants and advisors in HR, Finance and law.

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