Playground of the rich

about 2 years ago
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If you are stuck in traffic and have to attend a make-or-break kind of meet, come what may, using the app, Blade might be the best option, if living in Mumbai. But you will have to wait till next year for that to become a reality.

Blade is a helicopter hiring app and the same company which provides this service to the super rich in New York, is now coming to Mumbai as the city as some of the richest of India. What better place than this city to tap the ultra rich?

Blade will have hubs in Juhu and in Mahalaxmi and it plans to offer flights between the two heliports, as well as to Pune, the closest major city, and Shirdi.

The company is setting up a local subsidiary, Blade India, in partnership with Indian investment firm Hunch Ventures. It will be headed by Amar Abrol, former CEO of Malaysian budget airline AirAsia.

While Blade has not yet settled on prices for its India service, it will be out of reach for most Indians. The apps cheapest offering in the United States, a five-minute flight from Manhattan to JFK, costs between $195 and $295.

But then the question which comes to mind – if someone is so rich already, ultra rich, wont they be having their own such service or wont they get the meeting always done at a place of their convenience; after all money has the power to do it all!

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