The obsession with selfies!

about 2 years ago
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When there is a Govt application form and along with the form, there is a need to attach your photograph too. So what would your mind tell you to attach immediately? A passport size photograph of yourself, right?

Well, that is what the Athletics Federation of India (AFI), the apex body that manages athletics in India also thought.  In July, AFI had made it mandatory to register online for participating in any competition after re-launching their website. Availing a unique identification number and submitting photographs was also mandated in the process. Logically, it expected all the athletes to send a passport size picture.
But of the 3000-odd applicants, around 750 athletes sent were pictures of men exposing their torsos, some displaying ripped tattooed bodies, while there were others who chose to upload pictures like convicts, or selfies from weddings in flashy clothes. As if these weren’t enough, one athlete posted his picture flashing his middle finger, while another morphed the London Eye into the background of his image.

Naturally, all these had to be rejected. Thankfully, there is a provision which allows them to resend the application and hopefully, this time around, they will send the correct picture, which is the passport size picture!

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