The rigors of learning

about 8 months ago
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The more different we are, the more similar we look. That’s how one can explain the similarity or the difference between India and China. Ideologically, we are poles apart but yet, within the fabric, we both are so similar.

Just as Indian youth though educated is unemployable, the story is the same in China too. Statistics is there to show that students in the 90th percentile in US score much below the Shanghai student on a test given to 15 year-olds around the world.

Yes, the Chinese students like Indians are very smart when it comes to tests and exams but unlike the Americans, who score lesser than these two in tests, they are much smarter when it comes to analytical writing, critical thinking and communication with peers and professors. Thus we tend to concentrate on just learning while the Americans teach their children about how to learn. And that makes all the difference.

Well, if only someone could come with a solution of combining both – the rigorous academics of Chinese and Indian with the freedom to think and voice opinions and questions like the way Americans do in their classrooms.

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