Tiktok takes India by storm

about 2 years ago
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Forget Whatsapp and Instagram and Snapchat. There is a new app which seems to be taking India by storm.

TikTok. This it is a social network that allows you to create and share music videos with your friends and followers. The app is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance and is very user friendly.

It comes with simple editing tools, allowing users to dance or lip-sync to clips from famous songs. The main appeal to this app is the continuous, unending stream of short-form videos around 15 seconds long, you can also string several of them together to make a narrative of a maximum of 60 seconds.

According to research outfit App Annie, it was one of the top five downloaded Android apps all year. And India has really taken to it—the country is the biggest market for TikTok, accounting for around 39% of the app’s 500 million user base.

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