Men working from and at home – good for all!

By Research Desk
about 4 years ago

This lockdown has been a leveler in many ways and the most important being, it has shown the men of the house, the relentless and thankless work that a woman does to ensure that the family runs smoothly.

The good news – men have also rolled up their shirt sleeves (and sometimes the pajamas) to do their bit. Many out of genuine compassion and many out of compulsion, men have learnt to cook and clean.

And when men get into these tasks, they bring their “corporate” culture into the household, where they are looking at higher levels of automation. That explains why there is a surge in the demand for all types of household appliances – right from the ubiquitous and humble pressure cooker to mixer-grinders, microwaves, ovens, toasters, kettles, coffee makers, washing machines, refrigerators and all types of glasswares and cooking utilities.
Men in most households are assigned the task of doing the dishes and that explains why the demand for dishwashers has outstripped the supply, with more food getting cooked at home, dishwashers have become the new revolution.

On this theme, TTTK prestige, Hawkins, Bosch, Butterfly Gandhimati, Borosil, Voltas, La Opala and Borosil Renewable are seen as the biggest beneficiaries!

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