How to choose the best stock to buy?

By Research Desk
about 8 years ago

This is indeed a million dollar question – Which is the best stock to buy in the share market (NSE and BSE)? The question is direct and seems to be answerable in one sentence, but in reality, it is not so easy to come up with a right answer to this question.

Well, the thing about this question is that it does not have any correct answer. This is because the market perception and risk appetite varies from an investor to a trader. In fact, it varies from an intra-day trader to a positional trader as well! For investors too, based on one’s investment objective, time horizon and return expectations, stock portfolio will differ.

For this reason, the question of which is the best stock to buy in the share market will not have a unique answer to it. There are many factors which affect the share prices of stocks listed on NSE and BSE.

This is probably the reason why we recommend multiple stocks every day on our website – to cater to investment and trading objectives of different types of investors exposed to stocks listed on NSE and BSE.

The daily gainers list (available in the Databank section of our website, in addition to stock exchange websites of NSE and BSE), stocks at 52 week high or 52 week low prices, spurt in volume, high traded turnover is also available on our website, which can help in technical analysis. 

Broad pointers which help an investor gauge the fundamentals include financial statements (revenue and profitability), debt level, valuation multiples of company in relation to peers, growth rates, promoter holding and shareholding pattern, corporate governance and industry prospects.

Our members are fortunate, as they receive guidance from our expert team led by Mr. S. P. Tulsian on the website through the Stock Query column and other Member Zone columns, on which is the best stock to buy in the share market!

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