Pfizer gets a boost

about 1 year ago
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Pfizer is in the limelight today; infact it has been gaining for the past two days. Today, it opened 7% higher at Rs.4245 and went on to an intraday high at Rs.4313.40, rising over 8.5%. Volumes are up almost 4 times.

The market is excited as its parent company reported details about the vaccine it is developing. This experimental coronavirus vaccine being developed by Pfizer and German firm BioNTech triggered stronger immune responses in recipients than those seen in people naturally recovering from an infection in a small study. The data showed that the vaccine gave a boost in people’s blood levels of antibodies capable of neutralizing the virus after the second shot was given.

The work has not yet been peer-reviewed, and it is still unclear what level of immune response will protect a person from getting sick. But outside scientists praised the company for publishing the data on 45 people, and said the results support moving to a larger clinical trial to test whether the vaccine is safe and effective.

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