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Quality Multibagger Tips by SP Tulsian


Multibagger shares are shares of companies which have the potential to deliver 2 to 4 times the current price of the share. Example: If a share is ruling at Rs. 100 and it has the potential for the share price to be Rs. 200 to Rs. 400 over the next few years, it is a potential multibagger stock.

Multibagger Stocks by SP Tulsian

S P Tulsian is one of India’s most prominent & well respected investment advisor. He is known for his uncanny ability to identify multibagger stocks for the long term. You can become a member of this portal (also available in app) to get his multibagger recommendations.

When & How Are Multibagger Calls Given

Multibagger stock ideas are shared through our website  and you are notified by email, mobile app notifications and browser notifications. You can also read about our calls in the Member Zone of the website. Stock Query is one of the most popular sections in which multibaggers are discussed as well and you can get any associated doubts on calls clarified there as well. This is a unique feature where members can interact with the Investment Advisor directly.

How to Use Multibagger Calls

  1. Multibagger stocks are by definition high risk / high return stocks. So each multibagger stock carries this risk independent of other multibagger ideas. What you do get in return of this is the larger than normal upside potential. 
  2. Due to the downside potential, restrict your investment in one multibagger stock to less than 2% of your investible equity funds and less than 10% to all multibaggers combined.
  3. The investment is for long term (3 to 5 years) so do not put funds that you need for specific purpose at specific time (eg. Purchase of house, child’s education, etc.). Invest in Debt instruments for this.
  4. If you are of the type who can buy and forget an investment for 3 years and not look at its share price daily/weekly, only then invest in multibagger ideas, else will get worried more often than not since multibaggers tend to give lumpy returns and not linear returns.

Cost of Membership

Memberships start from as low as Rs. 6,000 (+ GST) per month.

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Calls & Sections in Member Zone

The advisory portal has several sections like Little Gems, Big Gems, Short Term Investments, Medium Term Investments, Regular Income Bluechips, Multibagger Stocks, Futures Calls, Option Calls which are updated at a regular frequency to help you meet all your investing and trading requirements.



Disclaimer:  Please note that past performance is not a guarantee for future performance and equity investments are always risky so invest as per your risk profile only