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Get Your Stock Market Queries Answered Personally by SP Tulsian


S P Tulsian is one of India’s most prominent & well respected investment advisor. He is known for his uncanny ability to identify which shares to buy, at what price and when to sell those shares to book profits made in the shares. This is both an art & a science, and it can be learnt with time and patience. You can become a member of this portal (also available in app) and get your queries answered personally by him during live market hours.

When & How Are The Stock Market Queries Answered

The queries are answered through our website  and you are notified by email, mobile app notifications and browser notifications.

Sample Stock Queries With Responses Given

How To Benefit From The Membership

  1. You can post your queries after logging in as a member with share name, and your query. It is personally answered by Mr SP Tulsian during market hours
  2. There are different sections on different kinds of investment strategies. Diversify your Portfolio across different sections of the portal based on your risk profile & inclination. Each recommendation is backed with research, it is important to understand the reason to buy a share & hold it with conviction.
  3. Since share markets can be volatile, restrict the total investment in any one stock as per the guideline of the particular section.
  4. Future/ Options sections are meant only for traders who understand the mechanism and have the appetite to take losses. For regular investors, long term investing is a better way to build a quality portfolio.

Cost of Membership

Memberships start from as low as Rs. 6,000 (+ GST) per month.

Watch Video (3 mins) on Membership Benefits

Calls & Sections in Member Zone

The advisory portal has several sections like Little Gems, Big Gems, Short Term Investments, Medium Term Investments, Regular Income Bluechips, Multibagger Stocks, Futures Calls, Option Calls which are updated at a regular frequency to help you meet all your investing and trading requirements.



Disclaimer:  Please note that past performance is not a guarantee for future performance and equity investments are always risky so invest as per your risk profile only