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The second day of 2020 has dawned and we are finally wide awake, having got over the stupor of the last few days of holidaying.

Just as the clout of China is growing everywhere, even when it comes to a new year, the Chinese ‘animal’ is followed by the global community. This year, 2020, is the year of the rat, the metal rat – the first animal of the 12-year cycle of the zodiac, and follows on from the year of the pig, which began on 16 February 2018. The Metal Rat Year is going to be a strong, prosperous, and lucky year for almost all chinese zodiac signs.

As we step into 2020 with new optimism, there are few world events, which could have a bearing on the world around us; not directly but as a causation of living in a flat, globally connected world.  A quick look at the calendar year of 2020. We do not need any exotic looking gypsy, gazing into a crystal ball, who will till us in an ominous voice about what lay ahead for us in 2020. These are world and local events, already scheduled to happen. So mark these events….

In India, the scene will be ruled by the Union Budget, economic recovery, RBI, inflation, IIP, GDP, fiscal deficit, strategic sale of PSUs, monsoon, the earnings season – pretty much what we look at every year.

On the global front, the year will be dominated by the US Presidential elections, the US tariff war with China and of course, the Brexit. These events will either spring pleasant surprises or the nasty ones over the next 12 months.

More than looking at just within India, we are looking at major events across the globe as those have an equal if not bigger impact. More than anything else, the year will be dominated by sporting events: 

Lunar Eclipse – 10th Jan 2020

Davos Meeting – 21st to 24th Jan

Brexit – 31st Jan is the deadline when Britain will finally get ‘divorced’ from Euro zone.

Assembly elections in Delhi – Jan or Feb

Indian Union Budget – 1st Feb is the D-day

Oscars to be held on 10th Feb 2020

BS VI emission norms – 1st April

Four missions to Mars could leave Earth from USA – June till August

Wimbeldon – 29th June to 13th July

Olympic Games Tokyo - July 24 to August 9, 2020

Blue Moon will come on October 31, 2020

US Presidential elections 3rd Nov 2020

Cricket T20 World Cup - Oct to Nov 2020

Elections in Sri Lanka, Singapore, New Zealand, Greece and Myanmar

Assembly Elections in Bihar – Oct or Nov

Dubai Expo – 20th Oct till 10th April’21

Total solar eclipse – 14th Dec 2020

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