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By Ruma Dubey

While Indians were busy dealing with Snapchat controversy, UK Prime Minister Theresa May, took everyone by surprise by announcing ‘snap elections.’

UK, as per the set schedule will go the polls only in 2020 but looks like May, who till date had been denying all along that she will seek early elections, has succumbed to political necessities and yesterday, late in the evening (IST) called for a snap election. She wants UK to go to vote on 8th of June 2017, less than two months away. The UK Parliament will vote today, whether it agrees to this or not.

Obviously, May wants to cash in on the Brexit event and hopes to make the most of her and her party’s popularity right now. She has stated that the reason to go for this early election is to get a much stronger mandate when Brexit talks resume once Europe comes back with its plans. May said, “there should be unity here in Westminster, but instead there is division. The country is coming together, but Westminster is not. We need a general election and we need one now."

This is actually come as a shocker, as all along May had insisted, even pledged that she will not seek early elections. It is politics – she represents the Conservative Party and currently, the main opposition, the Labor Party is not doing too well and May knows this is the best time to beat the iron when it is hot. Also if one may recollect – she took over from David Cameron when he resigned after the Brexit referendum. Thus she has never won a general election and she needs this victory now to reinstate her position.

Tomorrow, two thirds of the MPs in the House of Commons need to approve this snap decision of Theresa May. And it might go through as Labor’s main leader, Jeremy Corbyn has already voiced his approval.

If the vote does go through, the Parliament will be dissolved on 3rd May, 25 days before the election date. After that, the official campaigning will begin.

Going by the current popularity of May, where British people believe that she has what it needs to drive the Brexit, and given the infighting in Labor party where Corbyn is mostly seen as a Leftist, divisive leader; Theresa May surely played her cards well today!

Theresa May wining bodes well on the continuity of Brexit or else the country will once again get thrown into chaos. Winning for May will make her own voice stronger and she will be able to stand tall and argue well within her party itself, many of whom are yet to trust her abilities. Thus more than Britain, this election and winning is essential for Theresa May.

What does all this mean for India? Nothing immediately. We will continue to focus on results and will lick the wounds inflicted by the IT sector where the stalwarts, Infosys and TCS have already disappointed. With the H1B visa storm brewing large in USA and Australia too getting tough on working visa’s, the IT sector might exactly be the toast of Dalal Street today.

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