Say, “pyt” and move on!

about 2 years ago
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Many times over, we have read how Denmark tops the list of being the happiest place in earth. While there have been many theories and explanations about why the Danes are so happy, surely, they too are human beings and have bad days. Its impossible to believe that the Danes never have a breakdown or fret or cry or fight.

Well, the Danes are as normal as you and me but they probably know how to deal with anger and frustration much better than us. The nation’s favorite word is ‘Pyt’, which is a reflection of Danes’ desire to take it easy and relax.

‘Pyt’ is used to express that you accept a situation is out of your control, and even though you might be annoyed or frustrated, you decide not to waste unnecessary energy on thinking more about it. You accept it and move on. ‘Pyt’ is also used to comfort other people and diffuse unfortunate situations.

And children right from school are taught to deal with the failures and frustrartions which life tosses at you. Children at kindergarten and primary school are taught to deal with life through the introduction of a ‘pyt’ button. This is usually just a plastic lid with ‘PYT’ written on it, glued to a piece of cardboard and placed somewhere centrally in the classroom, to be used in situations where children feel upset about not coming first in a race or winning a game. Essentially, they learn from an early age that losing is OK, as this is also part of real life.

Visitors to Denmark can even buy their own version of the ‘pyt’ button in local shops. These red-and-white plastic buttons resemble the ones that contestants in TV game shows press when they have the right answer. Press it and you’ll hear the word ‘pyt’, reminding you to step back from the situation and refocus.

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