When it ebbs….

about 2 years ago
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The past couple of years have been very rough for Tamil Nadu. The floods, the political turmoil, the loss of Jayalalitha, the ongoing ugly drama on the political stage and to top it all off, the drought.

Yes, you heard it right. Tamil Nadu land is parched and dry; it is ‘officially’ been declared as drought hit and we in other parts of India are mostly unaware or choose to be not aware.

Tamil Nadu is the worst hit and others – Karnataka too is reeling under a water crisis. On the Karnataka side of the Cavery, there is just 7

MC of Cauvery water left in the reservoir to meet the drinking water needs of 42 towns and cities, including Bengaluru and 625 villages.

The mighty Cauvery, which is like what Ganga is to North India, is just small puddles of water today. Most of the river is a dry bed.

Whom do we blame this on? Incessant digging deeper and deeper for borewells? Karnataka not releasing enough water to Tamil Nadu. Or is it only because of the failure of the north-east monsoon in October-December.  Just as farmers committed suicide in Maharashtra, farmers are dying in Tamil Nadu too. Surely, we need a long term solution and a relook at how we are urbanizing, abusing the land and in turn getting punished. Nature does teaches us lessons; like always, we simply do not listen.  

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