A 'dangerous' strike

about 1 year ago
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The French are known world-wide for their labour union strikes and this time, it was timed exactly during the holiday season.

Striking over pension reforms, the union attacked the electricity and for some time, brought to a complete halt, the nation’s trains, subways an worst of all, Amazon too!

The local office near Paris of Amazon was to deliver 50,000 packages on the night of 22nd Dec. The union put off the power and it left the facility without electricity and the workers twiddling their thumbs.

The outage began near midnight and lasted until morning. A line of trucks from the site to the highway waited for operations to resume as some workers sat in the darkness until dawn. 

This is not the first time – in early Dec, French utility workers cut power throughout Paris early in December, forcing the Eiffel Tower to close and leaving many homes in the dark.

Labour unions striking is healthy, it shows that democracy works but sabotaging necessary utility services is downright dangerous. This is heinous and such acts, instead of any sympathy will gather a lot of anger.

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