Doctors in demand

about 28 days ago
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Somehow, it has always been the perception that highest paid H1B visa holders are the Indian techies or “software engineers” in USA. Even there, the locals think the same.

But data from says otherwise – it is the specialist doctors who are the highest paid immigrants. The specialists drawing the biggest paychecks are in interventional cardiology, a subset of cardiology that deals specifically with the catheter-based treatment of heart diseases. Such specialists are paid, on an average, over $425,000 or over Rs.3 crore each year.

Gastroenterologists, experts in digestive health, came in second with an average annual salary upwards of $400,000, followed by Orthopedic surgeons, cardiologist, vascular surgeons, hematologist, pulmonary critical care specialist and many more.

And if you thought that constant barraging on the H1B quotas left a gaping hole only in the tech skills gap, we know learn that medicine too is suffering. The US is expected to experience a shortage of up to nearly 1,22,000 physicians by 2032, as per the Association of American Medical Colleges. Due to this growing demand, the highest average salaries by H-1B employers are all offered by healthcare players.

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