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about 16 days ago
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In today’s time, maybe a visiting card has become passé. But would you hold the same view if you could give a card and he/she could plant it and it grows up into a plant!

Yes, recently IFS officer Parveen Kaswan put a picture of his visiting card on Twitter and he had a massive following. All because it was made entirely from seed paper – its biodegradable made from a mix of paper-pulp and organic seeds. Once you are done using this paper, you can place it in a pot and witness a plant grow from it. In the tweet, Kaswan said anyone coming into his office would receive a plantable card that would grow into a basil plant. Wow!

Interested? We found a few companies making this. WildLense is a Kanpur-based eco-tourism company and its seed paper business card can be made from 10 varieties of organic seeds that users can choose from. Coimbatore – based, Pepaa, apart from business cards also makes invitation and wedding cards from seed paper and they are available in rectangle shape, leaf shape, and even a foot shape.

Bangalore based company, Seed Paper also makes visiting cards, invitations, bookmarks, and price tags for corporates from seed-based paper. It offers variety of seeds such as tomato, wildflower and basil that you can pick to embed.

Isn’t this innovation at its best?

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