Don't "bottle up!"

about 1 year ago
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Many states in India have banned plastic bag – it is banned officially but people have slowly but surely started its usage again as vendors have once again begun giving stuff in these bags. But people have definitely become more aware and there is a perceptible change in habits.

While plastic bags have been banned, we have often wondered when we will see mineral water bottles getting banned. And looks like that time is coming sooner than expected. Vistara last week announced that it will stop giving the 200ml water bottles in flight and instead water will be given in paper cups. Plastic bottles are also among the major items used in the tourism industry and alone contribute to 20% of the plastic pollution in oceans.

And close on its heels, we hear Goa Tourism Development Corporation is doing its bit for the environment by introducing a ban on single-use plastic items. Hotels across the state under the GTDC umbrella will completely eliminate the use of plastic bottles, cups and straws within the next three months. Goa has set itself the target of becoming completely plastic free by 2022.  In April, the use of plastic bags below 50 microns was banned in Panaji, Margao and Mapusa.

Water, tea, coffee, etc. will be served in cups of paper, glasses, reusable glass or metal bottles. Water dispensers and water filters will also be installed at the tourism head office and residencies.

Being a costal state, it needs to be aware and cut down plastic usage. Goa alone has 34 registered plastic manufacturing units. This is a step in the right direction and very soon, states across India should also take the progressive step of banning all one-time plastic usage items. It will disrupt the way we live but over the long run, it will prove to be much effective. Wonder how the likes of Bisleri and Aquafina are planning to tackle this?

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