Driving nowhere

about 1 year ago
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Imagine picking up your phone and ordering a Merc?

Yes, today online has advanced to this extent. Mercedes-Benz has come out with ‘Merc from Home’, which is a complete online or digital car buying initiative. If you have money and are itching to buy something despite the lockdown, maybe it is then targeted towards you. You can book this Merc online and get the car delivered, right to your doorstep. And even the over Rs.2.6 crore Mercedes AMG S 63 Coupe can be bought online!

Full functionality of the platform will go online only after May 4, when the lockdown is expected to be lifted. The online set up will offer one stop solution for vehicle finance and other value added services. The company is targeting to make a significant part of its sales fully online by 2025.

Not just Merc, almost all car and two-wheeler makers, are offering customers the ability to buy online and get the swanky new car delivered right at your home. But the question is, in the current situation of lockdown, where do you go? Even once the lockdown starts lifting in a phased manner, it is unlikely that you are going to jump into your new car and go for a long drive.

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