Friends in need, friends indeed!

about 3 months ago
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In this pandemic, there have been so many heart warming stories of good people coming to the help of so many others; simple people doing extraordinary things.

One more such story from Mumbai. The Sion Friends Circle Group, in June came up with a unique idea to help children, students by getting across books to read. They started, what they call, ‘free book house’ with the aim of providing books to the people in need amid the current situation. It’s a mobile book house in Sion, where students could take books for free, and donate those which they didn’t need.

And the best part – the mobile book store does not need any fuel- its moving from one place to the other on a handcart. Every week, within the same Sion region, the mobile book store moves along slowly.

And recently, some volunteers of the group, dressed themselves in cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse and Doremon and went around the area, distributing free books, study material and stationery. They walked around the slums and got a children to laugh and make merry, distributing a sense of goodness. Children are the biggest victim of this ongoing pandemic as they are stuck at home, more than us grownups, with their window to the world being the screen on TV or smart phone or tablets.

Each one, doing something for others in these times is a hero.

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