Keeping track

about 2 years ago
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Haven’t most of us always carried the feeling that many of those employed in Govt companies play rookie and there is no way to keep a tab on them?

Well, the city of Chandigarh as found a new way to do exactly this – keep a tab. Beginning 15th Jan 2020, 4000 employees of the city’s municipal corporation (MC) will be given GPS-enables wrist watches and it has been made mandatory for every employee to wear it during duty hours.

The watches will enable e-marking of the working space for each employee with daily attendance recorded once they reach the areas assigned to them. Panels in the control room, to be set up in the MC office, will blink if they move out of this space during duty hours. The central server will also be alerted if the staffer tries to remove the watch during duty hours.

Those under the MC’s watch include 2,400 safai karamcharis (sanitation workers), 1,000 work munshis and 600 gardeners besides labourers in various departments.

This massive move began after it came to notice that some 600 sanitation workers were found to be absent on duty during an inspection drive and some 200 employees were found to be working in residences of councillors and officers during their duty hours at the MC.

This is what happens when employees lose their conscience and betray their duties…

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