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about 1 year ago
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You try asking people around you, “what do you REALLY want to be? What would you list as your most favourite job?” And you could be surprised with the answers that you receive as majority of us are merely earning a living an very few are fortunate enough to actually do what they want to do, doing what brings them the maximum happiness.

Thus it was pretty heartwarming to read the story of Shravan Kumar, who holds B.Tech and M.Tech degrees from IIT Bombay. Giving up lucrative cushy jobs, he will be working as a trackman in the Dhanbad railway division. He has been posted at Chandrapura under Public Works Inspector (PWI), Telo and looks after the track maintenance between Chandrapura and Telo section. His job includes manual inspection of the tracks.  This category of job comes under Group'D' post for which the basic qualification required is to pass Class 10 Board Exam. 

Why did he opt for this job? He said that he always wanted to become a government servant. And what matters to him is the safety and security that a government jobs offers.

If that is the sole reason why he took up this job then maybe the Govt should really look for a post which suits his intellectual ability. But a move like this requires a lot of guts. Surely Shravan Kumar must be facing a lot of flak from family and friends. Maybe he will soon start appearing for officer category exams soon and get to doing jobs which fit his qualifications.

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