More than bhelpuri

about 1 year ago
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During our college times, almost all of us had a favorite hangout – a chai tapir, or a sandwich cart or a vada pav stall. These are places which give cheap but tasty quick eats, the place where we discussed all the important problems of life.

Thus it warms one’s heart to know that students of Delhi University’s Jesus and Mary College (JMC) got together to rescue their favorite bhelpuri vendor - 48-year-old Mitlesh Jha.

Covid drove him out of business  and everyday was a struggle to merely provide basic food for his wife and three children. An ex-student ran into him and heard his plight. She immediately put out a message on WhatsApp, which got forwarded multiple times. Another ex-student, Aishwarya Mehra saw this message and along with her former classmate Vedika Mehta, launched an online fund-raising campaign for Jha on July 22. Within 48 hours, the duo collected Rs 2,09,567 for Jha, with contributions pouring in from current and former students, including alumni living abroad.

The bhelpuri wallah is at peace, for some time now. Hope we all can help out our favourite roadside food vendors and help them out in these tough times.

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