OnePlus gets a thumbs up!

about 2 years ago
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Apple is an aspirational brand. You carry an Apple iPhone, people change the way they look at you; even what you wear would not matter! But the BIG problem – you carry an outdated, we mean, even one year old iPhone, you will be looked down upon. So all the money that you pay or are paying on EMI, suddenly has no appeal.

Maybe the exorbitant pricing or the sheer pressure of carrying an iPhone around, looks like the preference of Indians is changing, especially the young. You would think they are the one’s vying for an iPhone but looks like all are opting for the ubiquitous OnePlus, a real game changer in the Indian smart phone category.

While Apple lost ground in India and China the previous quarter, it seems to have been usurped from its over Rs.28,310 price band, the same price band in which OnePlus clocked its highest ever shipments in a  single quarter.

Well, this is a moving target; Apple or OnePlus or Samsung, all are passing fancies; there today, gone tomorrow. Who else but Nokia can vouch for this and tell you tales of its heydays and fall into oblivion.

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