Say, "Cheese!!"

about 2 years ago
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This obsession for taking pictures, selfies is confounding! Totting a mobile at all times, why is it that every single thing in life, even if it’s a disaster, tragedy or accident, is a selfie moment?

That’s what we felt when we read that people were busy taking pictures when the flight on which they were had caught fire! Aeroflot flight SU 1492 declared an emergency and returned to Moscow shortly after taking off.

It seems the aircraft was struck by lightning, just minutes after taking off from Moscow en rotue to Mumansk. This fried its communication and avionics and the plane was set of fire. The aircraft landed hard on the tarmac, and was briefly airborne again. Shockingly, some of the passengers were filming even as the aircraft was going up in a ball of flames.

Even while 40 people were burnt to death, some passengers were seen fumbling for bags in their overhead bins. The cabins were smoke filled but some simply could not get their priorities right – bags and pictures first, life and death can wait!

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