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about 4 months ago
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Japan has opened its amusement parks and it was quite a list of dos and don’ts which a group of park operators have released joint guidelines on how to operate safely under the threat of the virus.

Apart from wearing masks at all points of time, the others were:

No screaming on roller coasters and other rides

‘Ghosts’ lurking in haunted houses should maintain a healthy distance from their ‘victims’

Park staff, including those dressed as animal mascots and superheroes, should not shake hands or high-five young fans

Superheroes engaged in fights to the death with evil villains should avoid whipping up support from spectators to prevent cheers and screams 

Virtual-reality attractions should not operate unless their special glasses or goggles can be fully sanitized

Vendors asked to refrain from putting out toys or food samples for young visitors to touch, play with or eat.

All the guidelines make sense but no screaming?

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