The real hero

about 1 year ago
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In this pandemic, there is one actor who has been the real hero, or super hero. No prizes for guessing; Sonu Sood it is! The way in which he stood up and helped thousands of migrants get to their homes truly warmed the heart of most Indians.

Sonu not only helped in arranging buses and flights for the distressed migrant workers to reach their native villages in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and several other states, but has also provided them with food and other essential items.

One such worker was Prashant Pradhan. Sonu got him airlifted from Cochin to Odisha. He was working as a plumber at the Kochi airport, earning some Rs.700/day. He lost his job after the lockdown and money started dwindling. He could not get a ticket to board the Shramik Express and approached Sonu for help.

Now in Odisha he started his own welding shop and has named it – Sonu Sood Welding Work Shop. This is what we call true gratitude, never forgetting the people who help us during some of the darkest moments in life.

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