The right 'Glucose'

about 3 months ago
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Parle G is not just a biscuit; its an emotion. You might live in any part of the world but no cookie or biscuit can match the comfort which Parle G gives. Dunked in tea, its probably a reminder for all of us about our good times and it has been a constant through all ages.

Thus it was very heart warming to read that it clocked the best sales ever in 80 years during the lockdown from March till May. Apart from people stocking up more than required at home, for the thousands of migrants walking home, this one packet of biscuit – at Rs.5 was the best bet. Many NGOs also ordered Parle G in huge quantities for distribution.

For most, the pandemic is a time of scarcity and difficult times but for some like Parle G it has been the bes possible opportunity even without really working on it!

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