Lets learn 'unlocking'

about 3 months ago
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We are feeling so smug that India managed to do much better than the USA when it comes to tackling Covid. We have managed to keep the death rates much lower vis-à-vis the population density and have questioned how USA, especially New York botched up so badly.

Well, we learnt from them what not to do and maybe now we need to learn from New York what to do in this post-Covid opening up.

The best thing it did – the city has made parts of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue and sections of other major streets in New York City into bus-only corridors. This is a bid to increase transit service, alleviate overcrowding and combat the spread of the new coronavirus.

New York plans to have 20 miles of bus lanes and busways throughout the five boroughs in the coming months. And they are doing this on an urgent basis as the city is opening up and with more and more returning to their routine, such services need to be in place to avoid a second wave.

Are the major cities in India doing anything like this? Of course not! We are quick to put them down but not quick enough to learn the good things. Wish our leaders take time to read what developed countries are doing to deal with the unlocking and do it systematically adapt it, unlike the poorly implemented lockdown.

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