Try, try untill you succeed

about 1 year ago
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In all this election fervor going on in the country, it is unlikely that you might have ever heard or even known the existence of Vijayprakash Kondekar.

He has always been an independent candidate but the quirkiest thing about him – he has stood and lost elections at least 24 times and his determination remains undeterred.

He is a familiar face in Shivaji Nagar in the western city of Pune, the 73 year old, for the past two months has been going around the neighbourhood trying to drum up support for his election campaign.

Hope is eternal in his heart even after so many defeats and aspires to one day become the PM of India.

Such optimism and never-say-die attitude, should we call it foolish and merely laugh at it or should we laud him for his determination?

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