Unbelievable it exists in India!!!

about 1 year ago
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It is unbelievable that such a police station exists in India!!!

Kalu police station is located in an arid and sandy region about 300km from Jaipur and 90km from Bikaner. Flanked by sand dunes, in summer temperatures soar to almost 50 degrees and winter, it goes down to as low as 2. It manages 25 villages and serves a population of 65,000, majority of which is engaged in agriculture and cattle rearing.

What sets this police station apart is that the police is extremely courteous and their main objective is to try and resolve issues without going for an FIR.  An integral part of the police station is a hut-like structure built with wooden logs, called Panchayat Kaksh, where mediations are held to solve quarrels, which make the majority of the complaints. Complainants are sometimes served lunch and distraught ones are served sherbet to cool down. The barracks are air-cooled and there are attached toilets.

The campus also houses volleyball and badminton courts, small apartments for the police personnel, and work is underway on a garden with a drip irrigation facility.

Between 2014 and 2018, the number of FIRs lodged at Kalu police station has declined from 74 to 37; locals say they have never faced a request for bribe from cops. The local police refuse to drink even tea or juice for free in the local markets.

On most days, the police station is deserted, with visitors never exceeding single figures.  Since 2014, 10 thefts have taken place here, a dozen rape cases, six instances of kidnapping, and no robberies. The police station has registered three murder cases since 2014.

This Kalu police station is rated as the best in India, not just in terms of infrastructure and facilities but solving and curbing of crime in the region. Campbell Bay in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Farakka in West Bengal bagged the second and third positions respectively.

Wow! Its unbelievable that such a police station exists in India and that too, policemen with such impeccable reputation and integrity.

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