What exactly is "low cost" airline?

about 1 year ago
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The air pockets only increase

There is something really, really wrong with our aviation sector. One Jet Airways is out of operations and all the others are making merry.

Currently, it looks like the common man who used to get good fares to travel by air is now being punished for Jet’s lapses. The costs of tickets are prohibitive which is why despite it being summer holidays, many have opted to use the train or travel by car/bus to holiday destinations. For a family of four, air travel is currently out of reach.

What really irks is that the likes of Spicejet and Indigo still go around carrying the tag of being “low cost.” How are they low cost today at all? Sometimes their fares are more than Air India Express too. So they charge you as much as a full-fledged airline but give you nothing in return. There is no inflight entertainment or food, yet they charge you more.

Thus it comes across as purely arrogant to read that Indigo plans to collide head-on with Emirates. Seriously? Emirates provides world class service with food and entertainment with excellent airport handling services too. What will Indigo provide? And how can someone who calls itself “low cost” compete with someone like Emirates? Doesn’t the Govt need to come into the picture and rectify this big mistake of what ‘low cost’ means? Actually the Govt needs to look into the complete dynamics of the aviation sector and find out why it is so much in trouble, why so fragile?

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