When you gotta go…..

about 2 years ago
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For anyone travelling in India, especially women, finding a toilet is a nightmare. And most of the times, even if you do find a toilet, without doubt, 9 out of 10 times, it will be very dirty.

And Kerala, which is very big on tourism, is taking the initiative by introducing an app for locating the toilet closest to you, when travelling in the state.

So its beyond control, all you need to do when in Kerala is search online on the website of Kerala Tourism or downloaded a mobile app and the details of toilets near your location will be available. The details are not perfunctory; it is really detailed – you get not just the location but even the picture of commode, whether Indian or western, photograph of the institution, working hours and holidays, access to the public if it is attached to the hotel or restaurant, whether woman-friendly or not will be made available. The user can rate the facility.

Some 750 toilets mapped on the basis of a field visit and survey have been grouped into hotel, homestay, restaurant, petrol pump, public toilets, wayside amenities, shopping mall, museum/gallery, railway station and restaurants.  The 750 have been shortlisted from 1,000 toilets physically checked across the State by the survey team.

Now isn’t this one of the best initiatives? For tourism to boom further, this basic need needs to be taken care. Hope the other states will also follow….

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