A change for the good

about 2 years ago
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IRCTC or the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation has launched a new website. For a change it has an eye on the modern generation and it is good to see one of the oldest organisations of India, finally embrace the changing times.

IRCTC is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways that handles the catering, tourism and online ticketing operations of the Indian railways. It calls itself the ‘Next Generation’ website. Yeah, it does look good, a giant leap from something like Garib Rath to the Palace on Wheels!

The good news is that it has done away with the need to log in even to browse trains. Now, you need to log in only when you have selected a train journey and are ready to pay. 

The best feature of the website – using algorithm it can finally tell you the chances of getting your waitlisted tickets confirmed. And yes, they have tied up with OLA, wherein you can book an OLA cab from the website, upto seven days ahead of your travel date. This is very welcome as we normally have to quiver and get brushed off by the kaali-peeli taxi mafia, taking no cognizance of the luggage we are carrying.

It is good to see the Govt websites finally waking up and making some moves to improvise and actually give us features which are user friendly.

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